You are done with your dinner and suddenly you experience some pain in your teeth. You are not sure what caused the pain and you simply ignore it. You experience pain in the wisdom tooth and you still ignore it. You have a long history of teeth pain and it is affecting your day to day life. One day, you decide to do something about it. You search on the internet and find the best dentist in Richmond Hill. You make an appointment with the dentist and visit the clinic. The dentist examines you and offers you proper treatment.

It is a common case for people who suffer from dental pain. However, there are people for whom, this is not a common practice. They too experience dental pain, but they don’t visit the dentist simply because they are suffering from dental phobia. If you are one of those people who cancel the dental appointment at the last minute as you fear, this article for you.

There are more than 75% of Americans who suffer from dental phobia. They simply feel helpless while sitting in the dental chair. They simply refuse to go to the dentist for the proper examination of the pain cause and live with the pain for the rest of their lives. Some keep consuming those harmful painkillers and further deteriorate their health.

There is nothing to fear from the dentist. They are not monsters, in fact, they are the saviours who will give you permanent relief from the pain that is troubling you for many years.

Common reasons why people fear the dentist

There might be many reasons why people are scared of visiting the Dentist in Richmond Hill. Some of the reasons are described below:

Harsh dentist personalities

Some people fear dentists whose personalities are dangerous. If the dentist’s outer persona horrifies you, all you need to do is to change your dentist.

Due to injuries

Some people don’t visit the dental clinics due to certain injuries in the mouth. They fear of worsening the condition. It is not true all the time as your dentist might take care of the injury while treating you.

Past terrible experiences

Most of the people suffering from dental phobia fall into this category. They have visited dentists in the past and they had some terrible experiences with the dentists. They are simply scared as they think that they will experience it again.

All of these anxieties people develop at a very young age. For example, you went to the dentist for the cavity filling in your childhood and you had experienced immense pain at that time. Your subconscious mind has stored the memory and every time you think about a dentist, your memory attacks you and prevent you from going to the dentist in Richmond Hill. They simply avoid seeing a dentist as they are scared of repeating those experiences again.

Others simply don’t go to the dentist’s because they underestimate dental pain as normal. They think that such pain comes and go and does not require medical attention. They don’t want the dentist to examine the mouth as it is a terrible feeling. It is a human tendency to hesitate to open up our mouth and exposed to vulnerabilities.

Even some studies have revealed that people suffering from dental phobia also get bad dreams about dentists and procedures. They simply live with poor dental hygiene, gum diseases and toothaches, but don’t visit a dentist in Richmond Hill. Why do that? It is not healthy to live with such health conditions as it might lead to other health issues.

If you show some strength and visit to the dentist, nothing will happen to you. In fact, you will come out from the clinic smiling and feeling better as your dental issues are taken care of. Dentists are here to help you out to get rid of dental issues. They offer superior treatment and oral care.

Still, you are adamant to not to visit the dentist in Richmond Hill, here is a list of tips to overcome your fear of the dentist.

Communicate with your dentist

Tell them why you are scared. Tell them your reasons and sufferings. Open your heart to them as they simply don’t know what is happening to you. Dentists might have a solution for your issues and they can also amend their approach and treatment accordingly to make you more comfortable while treating you. Tell everything to him and he will find a way to help you to get rid of the dental anxiety.

Tell him to stop when it is unbearable

Sometimes, during the treatment, you might feel discomfort or nausea like feeling. Tell the dentist to stop at the very moment you feel uncomfortable. The dentist will stop the procedure and ask you to get some fresh air so that he can proceed with the process after some time.

Ask questions

Yes, no matter how silly you sound, ask questions to the dentist and they will answer your worries satisfactory. If you find the procedure complicated, ask about it. If you want to know after-care things, ask about it. Don’t hesitate about asking questions as they will understand it and will give appropriate replies.

Visit the clinic regularly

You might find this tip tricky and unusual, but it works. When you are feeling sick or having bad thoughts about the treatment or appointment, just visit the clinic and have some good time. It will make you feel better. Your dental phobia will gradually go down as you frequently make visits to the clinic.

Read about the procedures online

Once you know about the procedure you are about to witness, you will know what is going to happen with you in the operation room. It will make you more comfortable and confident. There is detailed information about almost all the dental treatments and procedures on the internet. Read about them and then visit the dentist in Richmond Hill.

Schedule appointments in the morning

Morning hours are the best hours of the day and you will feel relaxed and energetic. Always ensure to schedule an appointment in the morning to feel good and stress-free.


Follow these tips and gradually you will feel good and confident and your dental phobia too will reduce and fade away completely. Dental hygiene is very important for your health and doesn’t let those bogus worries take the charge in your mind. Hire the best dentist in Richmond Hill and schedule an appointment now to say bye to your dental issues.