Oral Surgery & Extraction

Oral Surgery & Extraction

Sometimes there may not be any room in your mouth for your wisdom teeth and may push against the teeth already there or they may start making you feel discomfort. For your peace and comfort, we offer a simple extraction, which is a removal of a tooth without the need to cut into the gum. One of the most common reasons for tooth extraction is removing seriously damaged teeth because of tooth decay, a badly damaged tooth, which maybe necessary to avoid the risk of infection.

Oral Surgery & Extraction

Being a popular dentist, we are frequently asked, “When is a tooth extraction necessary?” Well, this is an understandable question because no one wants to have a tooth pulled out unless it is necessary. We will consult and advise you for tooth extraction and if its necessary for you.

Crowded teeth

If you have too many teeth in your mouth or your teeth are too big, you may be finding it difficult to clean them properly, which leads to plaque and tooth decay. Most of the times, patients will have teeth extracted so that they can prepare their mouths for orthodontic care and alignment. Also, if you have a tooth that cannot break through the gums, it is best to be removed to avoid an infection if left untreated. To eliminate a crowded condition, it is important to extract some teeth to provide additional space in the jaw.

You had an accident

As an emergency dentist, we treat many patients who have gotten into an accident and need to have immediate help and support. In order to restore the tooth, we may use dental bonding, veneers, or crowns, but if the problem is urgent, we go with a tooth extraction treatment for quick relief and peace.

An infection has spread out

If you are suffering from a bad dental infection, you should visit us and we ensure to offer you safe and painless tooth extraction to get you rid of infection and pain.

How is tooth extraction performed?

We ensure to use proven and a safe process to make you feel comfortable and pain free. There are various procedures of tooth extraction, which we decide after analyzing the health of the mouth or condition of the tooth. We have good news for you that we are pro in this domain and can complete the extraction process gently, quickly, while keeping you comfortable. We also use sedation in order to help you relax. Before we get started, you will be sedated and receive medication to numb the area.

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