Fillings Mercury Free

Fillings Mercury Free

Mercury-Free Fillings & Proper Amalgam Removal

Amalgam (silver) fillings are done by 75% of dentists. We strive for the best quality care so we refuse to use them because they will not bond to your tooth. Mercury fillings allow decay to occur between the filling and the tooth itself. Most materials used in amalgam fillings are made up of Tin, Silver, Mercury, and Nickel.

We have worked with many patients who have one or more amalgam fillings that have been in their mouth for several years now. We are often asked whether these silver-colored fillings are safe due to the mercury content or not and if an amalgam filling can or should be replaced. We do not to use such fillings and replace it by offering other solutions. Mercury fillings are usually done in order to effectively replace the portion of the tooth lost to decay and damaged tooth. Amalgam fillings are usually done by using different materials, including- Tin, Nickel, Mercury, Silver, which sometimes can affect the health and wellness of the people.

As Amalgam is a kind of metal, however, it can easily expand and contracts when there is an excess use of cold and hot food or temperatures, which can cause MICROLEAKAGE. It may happen when the silver filling pulls away from the tooth by leaving a space can easily attack by bacteria and cause decay. If it is ignored, a root canal is the only solution to eliminate this. We offer composite restoration services which help in removing the metal fillings using proven materials.

It is important to know that there can be 116 physical symptoms related to mercury exposure, which fall into different categories, including- oral cavity disorders, systemic effects, psychological disturbances, and various others.

New composite fillings – without mercury

We help our patients by offering them logical solutions with complete care and respect as well as keep the best material in stock. For a better smile don’t forget trying our Kerr composite products – BPA free.

These composite fillings have great physical properties look like the tooth structure and the bonding properties of your teeth, easily eliminate decay and hence conservative tooth removal. Our composite filling solutions are cosmetically appealing and it will surely match up with your natural tooth coloring and the process is highly beneficial as the whole practice is MERCURY-FREE.

Remove the amalgam – remove the mercury

We offer quality services in regards to replacing silver fillings with white ones. With our effective solutions you can get rid of those unwanted grey/dark patches in the mouth, hence when you smile or open your mouth it appears clean, fresh and healthy.

With Centre Dental enjoy another benefit of practicing mercury-free dentistry!

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