Kids Dentistry

Kids Dentistry

Your Child’s treatment in a safe and caring environment

Kids are very fragile and so are the treatments associated with them. Kids need to be handled in a very special and certain manner in order to make them comfortable with all the tools and equipment especially when talking about dentistry. Kids usually do not visit a dentist for lengthy treatments.

We will gently examine your child’s teeth and gums. X-rays may be taken (to reveal decay and check on the progress of your child’s permanent teeth under the gums). We may clean your child’s teeth and apply topical fluoride to help protect the teeth against decay is also done at our premises. We also have our own ways of teaching kids the importance of clean teeth. We understand that kids cannot be taught the logical way so making them understand in the best way possible is what we try to do.

At Centre Dental in a Calm & Relaxing Environment

At Centre Dental

Your kids deserve to be treated and also to be educated in the early years of life. Thus, we invite you to our Dental Office in Richmond Hill to come with your children and allow us to help you in making your kid’s experience a happy and merrier one. We are here to help you move your kids and family forward towards a healthier oral and dental Experience!

Whether you’re a new parent starting your first child out on the path of lifelong dental care, or you’re a busy parent looking for a convenient location for all your family’s dental health care needs, Centre Dental is the right place for you. You’re kids will love it too. They’ll want to come back again soon and that is great for everyone!

Call or stop by for a free consultation and see what your Kids Dentist Richmond Hill has to offer you and your child’s dental health.

We look forward to meeting you and your children!

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