Teeth Whitening

For a perfect smile, healthy and attractive teeth are highly important and today it is much easier and affordable than anything else. We are super excited to make your teeth whiter and brighter using proven techniques and YES, in a comfortable setting.

How do we work?

Our proven whitening treatment procedures ensure to offer maximum whitening advantages in the shortest possible of time and without affecting the health of the teeth. We ensure to use the best procedures which are ideal for sensitive teeth and when performed by one of our skilled dentists can work wonders. Our entire procedure is all about using gel formulation, which is placed in dual arch mouth tray with the optimal amount of whitening material, followed by red and blue LED light activation, results in pearl white teeth.  When Hydroxyl radicals penetrate the tooth enamel it whitens down the teeth by breaking down stains into smaller particles. Our teeth-whitening procedure never damages the tooth enamel and easily reverses discolouration to create whiter and brighter teeth.

Choose between Take-Home Whitening or in-office Whitening

Our dentists are always available to guide you with everything about bleaching procedures. Tooth Whitening can also be done at home by taking the home kit, but for the BEST and FASTEST results, its a good idea to get our in-office treatment under the supervision of our Dental Professionals.

Our take home kit will have everything from a set of trays and bleaching solutions, which can be used at home as per the direction given by our staff members. Regular use of the same can help in attaining your desired shade.

Our in-office whitening will take you 30-45 minutes and the procedure starts with placing a whitening gel on the teeth and it is then activated using a light source. Our in-office teeth whitening method provides immediate results than DIY.

Our Professional Teeth Whitening may help you achieve a whiter, brighter smile with ease and minimal sensitivity to cold or heat, which will go away in a few days or so.

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