Many people live under the assumptions that dental health check-up is only required once in every 6 months or once a year. However, you may not know this, but some people need to visit a dentist once in 2 or 3 months. It depends on the health of your gums as well as the teeth. So, the check-up will vary from 2 to 3 months and someone whose teeth are absolutely healthy, can opt to see a dentist once in 2 years. But we highly recommend the healthy people to visit their dentist within 6 to 1 year.

When you visit your Richmond Hill dentist, the dentist will see your oral health from the scratch and will tell you about dental problems if any. This way you will stay alert about any prolonging dental issue and sort it out as soon as possible. If you leave dental problems unattended and untreated it can deteriorate the health of your gums and teeth more. This will cause pain in your teeth and will cause further problems. The sooner you deal with these issues, the better it is for your overall health.

The expectations:

Be ready for the following things to happen when you go to meet the Richmond Hill dentist:

  • Once you see the dentist, the dentist will start with basic questions, like when was the last time you saw a dentist, how is your overall health, do you feel any pain in any of your teeth, and if you are taking any medicines.
  • After that he will ask you to open your mouth and will begin examining your teeth one by one. Along with your teeth, he will also check your gums, tongue, and your mouth.
  • If required, the dentist will ask you to go through certain tests like an x-ray.
  • The dentist may also ask you about your lifestyle too. Lifestyle is a big factor that can affect your teeth. He needs to know if you smoke and consume alcohol. The dentist may then provide you helpful tips that will improve your teeth.
  • Lastly the Richmond Hill dentist will also tell you about how often you need to visit him or her. This can vary from 2 months to 2 years.

Even though you brush two time a day and floss on a daily basis, still you should go and meet the dentist. Germs still sit ideal and can show you signs of its existence when you least expect it. If you think that visiting the dentist is not important because you don’t have any teeth issue are at fault. You should always be aware about any early signs of tooth decay or gums problem and most importantly to know if there is a chance of much larger issue and that is oral cancer. It is better to be sure than sorry.

What will happen?

When you go for a dental check-up, you will go through a routine check-up first. First, the dentist will begin asking you normal questions, which will include any pain in your teeth or blood out of your gums. After that, the dentist will start examining your overall teeth, gums, tongue, and inside of the mouth carefully for any sign.

In case the dentist identifies any issue, he or she might ask you to make certain changes in your lifestyle too. Tooth decay or loose gums problem often happen when you drink often or smoke. So, the dentist might ask you to stop smoking and drinking as soon as possible and will give you effective oral care tips too.

The dentist will explain everything about how drinking and smoking can affect your gums and teeth and how it can lead to future problems which can turn out to be extremely dangerous. Plus, he will also talk about treatments that may be required and the cost that you will have to pay.

If the dentist sees calcified plaque which in other words is also known as tartar, he or she will ask you to go for teeth scaling or polishing. This is the process to remove tartar from the teeth from causing further issues. Tartar affects your gum and you should treat the problems at the earliest.

If there is tooth decay, then the dentist will talk to you about the next steps that you need to follow. Like going for an x-ray, filling any damaged teeth or decayed teeth, the dentist will also tell you if the gums need treatment and likewise further diagnosis.

The dentist will give you everything in written, so that you are aware of the things that need to be done. In case if the dentist doesn’t, don’t feel shy to ask for one. Even you need to know about the problems you are facing and how much time and money it will cost you to correct the problems.

What to do between every dental visit?

Before and after your dental visit, the dentist will anyhow give you a lot of teeth to look after your teeth. However, regularly brush your teeth two times at least and don’t forget to floss.

  • Make sure that you are brushing your teeth after you wake up and before you go to bed.
  • Use circular motion to brush your teeth and use back and forth strokes only.
  • Don’t skip your gums, softly brush along the gum lines too
  • Make sure that you are flossing in between your tooth on a daily basis.
  • Also, buy a good mouth wash and rinse thoroughly daily to keep plaque under control. This is the best way to have fresh breath as well.

Some of the common dental problems:

Dental problems are never good to face. If you ignore visiting the dentist regularly, then be ready to face some really difficult oral health issues.

  • Bad and uncomfortable breath

Halitosis the medical term for bad breath is really embarrassing. It makes it difficult for you and the people you speak to. Around 85% of people suffer from halitosis. There are many reasons why you may suffer from bad breath. This can happen dur to dry mouth, oral cancer, gum disease, and also due to bacteria in your mouth.

  • The most common tooth decay

Another most common oral problem that can happen to you is tooth decay. The most common reason to suffer from tooth decay is maintaining poor oral health. When food substances stick to your teeth after you eat and you ignore brushing your teeth, tooth decay is bound to happen. Among children tooth decay is extremely common.

  • Gum disease

Periodontal disease or in simple words gum disease occurs when your gums are infected. Gum problems can lead to lose of tooth and also there is a link between gum problems and heart problems as well. After the age of 30, there is huge chance for the adults to suffer from gum problems. People who smoke regularly are more prone to gum problems. There are two main stages of periodontal problems, they are gingivitis and periodontitis. Don’t avoid gum issues, they can be a sign of more dangerous problems.

  • Oral Cancer

Cancer is not only limited to throat, breast, or leukemia. Nowadays oral cancer is in the rise. People above 40 years of age are more prone to oral cancer. People who chew tobacco or consume a lot of alcohol are 40% more prone to suffer from oral cancer. The most common symptoms of oral cancer are lumps, sores, and rough areas inside the mouth.

  • Tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is experiencing pain while having hot or cold drinks and even while consuming sweets. Tooth sensitivity is not uncommon, and the good news is it is treatable. Sensitive tooth can happen due to cracked tooth and you should definitely visit a dentist if you are suffering from tooth sensitivity.

Don’t let your smile perish. Remember to visit your Richmond Hill dentist regularly. You don’t need to wait for anything bad to happen to your oral health before you see a dentist. Make sure to fix an appointment and know about prolonging teeth problems if any and sort it out as soon as possible.