My experience with Dr. Parsi was great! She not only gave me a beautiful and most importantly natural looking smile, but also gave me the confidence for having a winning smile. She was very gentle during the procedure. She also was available to answer all my questions before and after treatment. I am recommending her to everyone I know.

Henga M. Mississauga

I had lost one of my front teeth a few months ago. I could not afford an implant or a bridge. I stopped smiling as I was so conscious and embarrassed. I heard about a treatment called a composite bridge which is an affordable and practical alternative. Dr. Amir is known for this specialty. When I approached him he was very informative and explained the process to me in detail. He was also very empathetic and understood how I felt about my smile. There was no anesthetic involved in the treatment and was just an one hour process. Most of all it was so very affordable. I thank Dr. Amir for giving me my smile back. He is the best dentist ever. He has the knowledge of replacing a missing tooth by a composite bridge which is an unknown treatment in Canada.

Rashmi Mississauga

I have two congenital missing eye teeth in my mouth. Unfortunately, the two baby teeth which were holding the space fell off a few years ago, since then I have been looking for a solution to fix my smile.

I didn’t want implant or bridge because I didn’t like the idea of surgery in my bone or cut down my healthy teeth. I am very happy that Dr Parsi did two composite bridge for me. The procedure was completed in one visit, there was no drilling of my teeth or freezing involved. I am very happy with my two composite bridges, they make me feel more confident with my smile now.

Thank you Dr Parsi